21-Day Self Care Gift Ideas for Mom’s

Take this 21-Day to form that #selfcare habit to make her feel loved not only during Mother’s Day but all the days of her life.

There is no best time to be reminded of mom’s efforts and superhero qualities other than May. It is again that time of the year where we go the extra mile to make her feel special but what if we can provide a 21-day guide to #selfcare forcing it to become a habit.

Here’s a list of #selfcare ideas perfect for the next 21 days. (Caution: Sons and daughters should be very creative in doing the activities below, but trust us we’ll ensure we’re leaving so much information for you.)

Day 1. Do that exercise routine with her.

Whether an exercise routine or stretching, this is the time of the year perfect to start with that moving activity. You can hire an online Personal Trainer or just follow that online exercise video and enjoy the rhythm with her. Another way of moving is to practice Yoga, build that skill by starting today.

Check out: Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home program on YouTube.

Day 2. Prepare healthy snacks.

Sure she did very well in ensuring that every morsel of snack you consume is perfect for your health, this time it is your turn to make her extra-special by preparing satisfying Yoghurt Smoothies and Low-Calorie Cookies perfect during an afternoon of chill-out session during your WFH breaks.

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Day 3. Sponsor an online Kamustahan with her siblings or host a Game Night with her kumares.

Maintaining her social connections is an integral part of self-care, but extra challenging during the time of COVID_19, thus you can be extra “creative”. Call her siblings and schedule a surprise Zoom meeting or put her kumare’s online, don’t forget to sponsor a few snacks delivered beforehand to make the session more interesting.

Day 4: Watch feel-good movies with her on Netflix.

You might be doing this alone or with friends most of the time to unwind but this one is definitely for keeps. Redecorate your entertainment area with cool stuff (be creative), prepare some cheese popcorns, diffuse a Movie Night Blend: Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, & Peppermint, and dive into Julia Robert’s heartwarming flick ‘Wonder’.

Day 5: Be her garden assistant for a day

She might be the ultimate #Plantita and you don’t have the time to go check on her plants since the fad started. Today is that day to give her a hand and work on your #EarthSkills (watch The 100 on Netflix), buy one, just one, the special plant you’ve been wanting to add to her collection, give it to her along with additional fertilizers, a new cutesy watering can, and 30 minutes of your morning time to chat with her and listen while she tries to introduce you to all her plant babies.

Day 6: Create that family vacation journal

I guess you’re now dreaming to see Disneyland in Florida again, but I’m sure you had a lot of photos during your last vacation, this is the perfect timing to arrange them for a collage. Go and visit Shopee or Lazada for all the crafting materials and arrange that afternoon tea with her.

Day 7: Complete a puzzle.

As old as it may sound, completing a Jigsaw puzzle is one thing she’d be very happy to do with you. Pull out that puzzle box you started ditching since you were 10 and turn one afternoon into a “Puzzle Day”. Don’t forget the cookies, Sweetheart!

Day 8: Treat her to a hand or scalp massage.

Give her At Home printed Gift Certificates that will make her eligible for a free hand or scalp massage. Turn on the spa music, diffuse some Lavender Oils, and be ready to make those hands work! Don’t forget the relaxing tea right after the massage. 

Tell her she can’t go to the local spa to claim those certificates, HAHA!

Day 9: Turn her bedroom to her most favorite tourist destination

Start by asking her about her most favorite trip or a place where she wants to be right after the pandemic, then secretly sneak into her bedroom and recreate the place by playing some background music (it can be the serene music of the Maldives or a night in Paris), turning your TV monitor as a backdrop, and don’t forget the delicious snacks! (We’re guessing macaroons)

Day 10. Carve out time for her to be alone and make sure there are no distractions.

This might sound easy but mind you the hardest because you should either keep Dad away or make him sleep in the Guest Room. Caution: Don’t make her feel that she’s quarantined. 


Day 11. Find time to uplift her senses.

Surprise her by lighting scented candles, diffuse her favorite essential oil, or just brew her favorite blend of coffee.

Day 12: Start a Journal Day with mom.
Go online and shop for two nice pads or notebook and start writing about the things you love about each other, then the places you want to visit soon, then write each other a love letter and keep it for some time and go over it every time you seem to have lost the reason for loving your mom (this section is a bit melodramatic but it made some real sense, ayt?). Then as the last direction, tell her to write in this journal every night or at least every time she feels like there is a need to.

Day 13: Play her favorite music
Is it their wedding song or maybe the song your Dad used to serenade her (not the barrio harana ofc’), or maybe you can play some Stevie Wonder’s hit or stay with “I Just Called To Say I Love You”. Get the playlist working on your Apple Music one morning and allow her to enjoy the #throwback.

Find out what will make her kilig: https://bzfd.it/3b0XuEV

Day 14: Host a 70s inspired Dance Night at home
This is one of the activities that may require Dad’s help, ask him to invite her to a Dance Night (don’t expect Dad to create that classy invitation, which will require both of them to dress up). Ask your siblings and Angels (kasambay’s) to help out during the preparation: Music, Food, and General Ambience. Surely, this night will be memorable!

Day 15: Take up that ‘SAY NO’ challenge Online Shopping edition for 60 minutes
May it be Zalora or BeautyMNL, have her go online shopping for her favorite outfits and skincare products. Don’t forget to ask your richer siblings to contribute because you might end up broke after this activity.

Don’t forget this link beautymnl.com/brands/japonesa

Day 16: Treat her to a breakfast in bed

It may sound easy peasy, but let me remind you that you have to start crawling in the Kitchen as early as 4:00 am because moms usually wake up at 5:00 am. So this may require a few days out of Netflix binging and go directly to bed right after 10:00 pm. Hey, please make sure the Pancakes will look fluffy, Pleaseeeee!

Day 17: A walk in the park

As simple as it may seem but, but let us take it a bit further by asking the local café to surprise her with her favorite blend of coffee, a nice cut of bread, and a Thank you Mom card, all after that quick walk-in the park.

Safety precautions: Wear your mask, face shield, and bring a bottle of sanitizer.

Day 18: Give her the gift of MOISTURE!

Oh, we almost forgot that we’re selling Self Care pouches on Shopee! This mother’s day our first 25 buyers who will buy a minimum of P660 will get a FREE SELFCARE POUCH!

Will the pouch provide moisture? Of course not, it is what's inside the pouch. Japonesa® bar soap is handmade, and every handmade soap has Glycerin keeping your skin hydrated after every use.

Day 19: Take care of her down under too!
Don’t forget that women like your Mom require an excellent Feminine Wash and we don’t have to mention that we’re giving it a discounted rate on BeautyMNL.
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Japonesa Feminine Wash with Probiotic + Prebiotic


  • Contains prebiotics and probiotics
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  • Leaves you feeling calm, fresh, and confident every day

Day 20: Milk Bath, Oh! What a good day to be a Mom!

We’re almost there! Treat her with a nice warm milk bath. Here’s how.
How to create a milk bath:

  • Fill the tub with warm water.
  • Add 1-2 cups of milk.
  • Pour 1-2 drops of Vanilla Essential Oil
  • Dilute ¼ of your Japonesa® bar soap

Keep the other ¼ in a clean towel for lather, please don’t forget to diffuse Frankincense

Essential Oil, lit up some candles, and turn on relaxing moods or for something extra, play AFFIRMATIONS.

We might have failed to mention that you can also buy Japonesa® on Lazada, just search for the keyword “JAPONESA” or simply click this link: https://s.lazada.com.ph/s.XzfP2

Day 21: Start again with Day 1 ❤️
Make your mom happy every single day! See you next ish!


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