Does Collagen stop aging?

Does Collagen stop aging? 

Our #skinexpert talks about plant-based Collagen and Clean beauty.
You’ve probably heard the buzz about Collagen and it being sustainable, as Collagen is already promising as a skincare regimen, the best this about it is that it can be plant-based, that is why we took this extra time to talk to MJ Jamias our CEO & #skinexpert to discuss how collagen helps the skin to reduce signs of aging and the process of making it part of Japonesa’s #CleanBeauty initiatives.

First, let us talk about Collagen as a skincare product. Like in many literatures we already know that Collagen is a major component of our skin, the major roles of Collagen stretch from hydration, skin elasticity, and strengthening the skin. “As Collagen improves moisture over our skin, that in turn slows down signs of aging because it reduces dryness, the Glycerin in every bar of Japonesa helps Collagen to deliver intense moisture”, supported Jamias. Furthermore, our skin starts to lose its elasticity as we age, while every collagen product promotes firmer skin, Japonesa provides a youthful glow in just 7-days primarily because of its unbelievable combination of Collagen, Potent Glutathione (brighter complexion), and Probiotics (skin balance and UV protection).

Usually, Collagen is animal-based, because it is from a protein that is mostly found on animal sources such as beef or fish. However, we’d still want to ensure that we can find every possible way to take care of our planet, that is why our CEO find a way to make another innovation by including OKRA that is rich in Collagen & Vitamin C as a main raw material for creating the Collagen inside every bar of Japonesa, making us the ultimate #CleanBeauty alternative for anti aging soaps.

That is why we highly recommend that you use Japonesa® Probiotic soap as a daily bath companion to achieve that hydrated, soft, youthful, and glowing skin na talagang #KutisDerma.

Stayin’ home, our soap is available on Zalora, Shopee, Lazada, BeautyMNL, and Watsons online.

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