Let’s talk about Green Beauty for planet-conscious consumers

Manila Philippines, April 2021, With Earth Day coming up, all the more reasons to make a stand for a better planet and raise awareness about how climate change affects us. This is also the perfect timing to be aware of the products we are using on our skin. We believe that you have already heard about saving drinkable water, efforts on renewable energy, and sustainable practices, that awareness can be good enough but for this issue, we will enumerate ways on how you can maintain a youthful glow while loving mother earth. Here is why saving our oceans and the entire planet should not stop on your Instagram hashtags, but this should all be put to action. Here are some important points we want you to know.

Time to love #lokal

We’re not saying you should avoid using imported beauty products, we’re saying you should STOP buying them, at least for the sake of mother earth and our local workforce. According to bbc.com, the airline industry contributes to 5% of global warming with around 2.4% of global CO2 emissions, although there are efforts for achieving carbon-neutral growth and reducing 50% of net emissions by 2050, we’re very sure you should hear what else loving locally products can do promote green beauty while taking care of our local workforce. Locally produced products will reach your doorstep without too much carbon footprint (as items are shipped by land, but we want to go a bit further here), plus the fact that it also employs the local workforce, making you an advocate of helping people within your community, Our Action Point: With this in mind, we opened our reseller program just this month to support Filipinos who want to open their online shop catering to their local community. That is mainly the reason why we’d like to promote getting resellers in every city and town, making it easier for the products to reach you while supporting your neighbors.

Love brands who also love your fur babies #CrueltyFree

To further elaborate, a huge number of dogs and cats are used for animal experiments, specifically Beagles because of their docile nature (crueltyfreekitty.comAnimal Testing isn’t necessary, and it can be completely avoided. There is no reason for brands to test on animals because even if they can complete the tests it does not guarantee safety for human consumption, plus the fact that there are safer ingredients that will not require testing or probably use of a different testing approach.

Finally, when you opt for products not tested on animals you’re also ditching parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes, making your skincare soap way better for your skin.

Our Action Point: Japonesa ® does not and never did make any animal tests, not to mention that we have been using 100% all-natural and plant-based ingredients since Day 1. Plant-based, it is!

Go #handmade and avoid Commercial Soaps (we’re so serious about this)

Skincare products wash down your drain and into the local waterways, eventually entering the aquatic ecosystems. 

Our current research allowed us to realize that most commercial soaps use phosphate to produce their bars (seriously?). Yes, phosphate are chemicals containing phosphorus and they affect water quality by causing excessive growth of algae, plus this chemical creates imbalances and destroys life forms, and produces harmful toxins.

Our Action Point: As mentioned above Japonesa ® is made of 100% all-natural ingredients and it is handmade. Making it a green beauty alternative.

We have shared several action points that we have been doing up to the present, but this April 22, 2021, we are inviting you to be eco-conscious and choose products like Japonesa ® by availing of our special earth day discount.


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