Skin Care and Workout Routine, What you should do after you sweat. #Women’sHealthMonth

According to Dr. Kathleen Cook Suozzi, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine, "The post-gym 'glow' that people describe is likely a combination of the increased blood flow [which can promote circulation in the skin], the dewy appearance from sweat, and the endorphins released during exercise," The statement from Dr. Suozzi was supported by MJ Jamias, CEO/ FOUNDER of MARIA JAINELI SKINCARE COMPANY INC. and Research Cosmetic Scientist of Japonesa Brand, she mentioned that “We should maintain an active lifestyle as part of our routine while taking care of our skin”.

Staying active can positively impact your overall health and well-being so it won’t be a surprise when we say that it also influences your skin. That is why, for this ish, we made sure we can give you workout and skincare tips rolled into one.

We talked to our current users and asked them if they can share their workout routines, and we’re amazed at the simple yet effective routine shared by Joselle R. Orfrecio, 35, Cabin Crew. Since we’re reducing contact and an actual interview is close to impossible, one of our Marketing Associates invited her to a Zoom workout and interview session that worked very well for both of them, here’s how it went:

Right after the cute introductions, Joselle made a quick reminder to everyone, “First, remove your makeup”, “makeup will clog your pores that might lead to breakouts and blemishes”,“consider looking for the perfect mild makeup remover and cleanse your face using Japonesa ® Probiotic soap”, she continued.

Here are two routines Joselle shared that you might want to do.

Exercise Routine at Home:

  • Start with a 5-minute slow-paced walking in place
  • Step 1. Do 10 squats, Squats increase lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility in your lower back and hips.
  • Step 2. Do standing overhead dumbbell presses (10 counts) to utilize multiple joints and muscles.
  • Step 3. Do 5 burpees! (“yes, I’m serious”, Joselle jokingly mentioned). Every routine will require a good set of burpees because it will engage your entire body.
  • Step 4. Perform ‘glute bridge’ 20 counts
  • Repeat Step 1-4 5x
  • End with another 5-minute slow-paced walking in place

Exercise Routine (Park): Joselle mentioned that “You can go for a combination of 3 km run, that starts and ends with a 1km each slow-paced walking” Though, we’d like to be very specific that you should perform a 3-5 minute stretch-routine before your jog.

Along with the exercise routine, our Marketing Team created a quick after workout skincare routine perfect to achieve that glowing skin.

Tip 1. Get out of your workout clothes right after your workout to avoid trapping oil and dead skin next to your skin.

Tip 2. Wash your face, ASAP with a soap that has Lactoferrin (no other option is best other than Japonesa® soap).

Tip 3. Don’t skip that post-workout shower using Japonesa ® soap as it not only gets you clean but protects you from breakouts. (Avoid scrubbing, as post-workout skin is delicate and prone to micro-abrasions).

Here’s a final word from our fitness inspo, “Exercise has shown positive impact to my mental health too and known to reduce the stress that is why I’d like to recommend a regular exercise routine perfect for your lifestyle and of course follow the post-workout routine by Japonesa ® to avoid skin issues, and of course achieve that #glowup that you’ve been wanting for a very long time”, ends Joselle.

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