The women who inspire us

Throughout history, women faced countless trials, challenges, and violence around the world. In celebration of International Women's Month, we are featuring four women and their success stories on how they defeated distress amidst the difficult chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Marketing Team in Japonesa® made an effort to look for extraordinary women who didn’t only inspire us but made us believe in the importance of ‘younger-looking skin' while multitasking and keeping a good work-life balance.

Kitten Zapata, Editor-in-Chief, Wedding Essentials Kitten is a go-getter. She has been the Editor-in-Chief of Wedding Essentials from the time we remember. Kitten, her team, and the wedding industry were severely affected by the lockdowns because weddings and events were either canceled or postponed. She didn't let COVID stop her from doing the things she's great at. She was the first one who went to great lengths and started doing shoots and producing content to help thrive the wedding industry. Kitten inspired us in innumerable ways but her contribution to the community during these trying times made us all believe that successful individuals have a clear vision of where they intend to go and how they will accomplish it.

Clarisse Agno-Gonzales, Nurse Macclesfield District General Hospital, United Kingdom Clarisse is determined to go beyond the call of duty. She worked in a COVID ward and ably in charge of COVID patients when the outbreak in the UK started. Clarisse is very thankful that she never caught the virus despite being directly exposed to it. What amazed us is how she touched the lives of her patients and their families, as she went on great efforts in terms of caring and making them connected.

Lianne Valentin, Celebrity & Influencer Lianne uses her voice to influence the youth by sharing God's words and providing support to her fans. She uses her time to create content about the importance of mental health and how God can help people in times of great need. We recently caught Lianne in one of her lockdown shoots and we’re so happy to hear that she made a lot of young women like her feel at rest during the stressful lockdowns. Karla Ramos, Travel Blogger & Influencer Karla uses her voice to influence her circle to support a lot of people affected by the pandemic and all other natural disasters. She was able to organize relief operations during the 2020 typhoon that hit numerous areas in Luzon. Her role during the after-disaster response is something we all appreciate and has made a mark on how we look at serving others.


MJ Jamias , CEO/ FOUNDER of MARIA JAINELI SKINCARE COMPANY INC. and a Researcher Cosmetic Scientist of Japonesa Brand. MJ is trailblazing, as a scientist and an executive. She was the first one to introduce Probiotics in cosmetic products in the Philippines. In one of our zoom interviews she mentioned that “Even before the release of anti bacterial beauty soaps, Japonesa ® products are already developed to cater to both skincare and antibacterial requirements”. This is true to the fact that Japonesa ® soaps have Lactoferrin which has powerful anti-microbial and anti-aging properties that made it a grail.

MJ’s inspiring leadership made us all believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, she kept on telling all her staff that we should remain steadfast and continue with our campaigns. Today, MJ and the rest of the team are preparing for something big and we can't wait to share the good news with everyone! The aforementioned women are just a few from all the millions of moms, sisters, friends, and wives, whose stories of unwavering faith will never cease to amaze us.

These women exude competency and nurturing behavior in the time of pandemic and still manage to stay beautiful. As they navigate life challenges, they never forget to take care of themselves by having good-looking and healthy skin. As an incentive to the great women of Japonesa® and in celebration of WOMEN’S MONTH, we are giving everyone a 10% discount on all Japonesa® products on Lazada ( ) and Shopee ( #StayBeautiful

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