We did our homework, here's a list of the best FATHER’S DAY GIFT ever!

Dads are known to be the pillars of each home. They are the ones who consistently provide for our needs, support our dreams, give words of wisdom, protect us from harm, and love us unconditionally. We can always rely on them no matter how hard the situation is; from being a helper in finishing a school project, to being a shoulder to cry on when life gets a little less bearable. At times, we take these things for granted simply because they are not  very expressive when it comes to their feelings. Although they often say they don’t want anything else in the world as long as they see us healthy and happy, it is still important that we let them know just how much we appreciate all of their sacrifices, hard works, and of course their whole existence through giving them simple but not-so-little presents they truly deserve. That is why we’ve put together a list of the best gift ideas for every kind of father figure we have in our lives.

  • DIY Gift Certificates for free foot or hand massages: After a tiring day at work, what could be more satisfying and relaxing than having free massages? With the right pressure, their stress and exhaustion will surely be lessened after a revitalizing massage.

  • Movie Night At-home: Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, or other genres, grab popcorn and spend some quality time with your dad as you have a movie marathon of his favorite movies at home. Let him enjoy a night full of excitement that makes him forget about his draining work environment.

  • Sports watch: Giving him a stylish yet convenient sports watch will allow him to keep track of his hectic schedule or deadlines while flaunting his fashion sense at work at the same time. Finding a design that will complement his attire on different occasions will be the best gift for him!

  • His favorite scent: Dads do not only need to look good or feel good, but they also need to smell good, especially when interacting with their clients, workmates, and boss at work. Make sure to get him his favorite scent that will last for a long time to help him create a good impression of himself.

  • I love you Dad statement shirts: One of the most straightforward yet heartfelt ways to express love is through the use of words. Let your dad be showered with love by giving him statement shirts that say “I love you”. This kind of simple gift will surely turn into a special one as it will make him feel more appreciated for everything he has done.

  • Car key chain of his favorite basketball team: This one is for the sporty dads out there! Remind him of his youthful years by getting him a car key chain with his favorite basketball team as a design. A gift that also allows him to be more organized especially when he’s in a rush!

  • A self-made meal that he’s craved for a very long time: “The way to your dad’s heart is through his stomach” Express your appreciation by cooking him a homemade meal that will satisfy his taste buds. Make it more special by setting the house just like a fine dining restaurant, together with soothing classical music!

  • His hair care kit: For the stylish dads, a complete hair care kit containing a moisture shampoo, conditioner, hair wax/gel, and a comb/brush would be the nicest gift for them. A tip: be sure to know what brand he always uses daily to meet his standards.

  • A full beard-care set: On the other hand, dads who love to grow their beards also need TLC. Trimming tools, combs, beard oils are some of the things they can use to groom themselves and boost their confidence!

  • Multi-function handy tools or a personalized engraved pocket knife: Dads love to be ready at all times. Getting them a multi-function handy tool that they can easily put inside their pockets would also be a great gift. It is convenient enough in a way that they can use it wherever and whenever they go to other places.

  • A classic beer mug coupled with his favorite house-blend beer brands: This kind of gift is perfect for the dads whose way of relaxation is drinking. He will certainly enjoy chilling with his ice-cold beer more every time he pairs it with his new classic beer mug.

  • Breakfast in bed: Start his day right by treating him to a delicious Father’s Day breakfast. Along with his favorite coffee blend, it will give him the energy to go on throughout the day. You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

  • Complete set of gadget chargers: It is quite hard to accomplish something at work especially when all of the gadgets run out of battery. To make his day more productive, give him a complete set of chargers that will allow his gadgets to perform at their best!

  • Nice bedroom slippers to match his pajamas: A cozy and comfortable slippers will turn their exhausting day into a relaxing, serene “me time” as they go to bed and get ready to sleep. Matching this gift with his pajamas will be very Instagram-worthy and satisfying to look at!

  • Beer/soda preserver: There are times that your dad may be in a hurry and leave his favorite drink half full. Giving him this as a present may let him enjoy a taste of a refreshing drink even more because there’s no waste and no haste with a wonderful beer/soda preserver!

  • A customized family portrait: A lovely picture that your dad could display in their work to keep him motivated or reminded with your love and full support at all times!

  • His favorite book or subscription to his daily newspaper: This is the best gift idea for all the bookworm dads who love to entertain themselves by reading during their free time. They will surely appreciate such a gift especially if it’s something that they are interested in or have been fascinated with for a long time.


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